Dr. Horn Labs

Dr. Horn Labs creates unique sensory experiences. The team of pharmacists develops highly innovative, natural fragrances at the company’s own laboratories for use in, for example, air fresheners and scented candles. The fragrance compositions will whisk you away to another world. One of them will always fit the bill, whatever your mood, the time of day, or your personal preferences. All the products contain nothing but natural essential oils. They are designed, produced, and packed with a great deal of passion in Berlin’s Mitte district.

Your advantage


BRAM Card customers will receive a free experience box worth €39 for purchases of €150 and over.* This comprises six room sprays, each containing 10 ml of the latest Dr. Horn Labs fragrances. For this, please enter the coupon code 1Breuninger2023 in the online shop at dr-horn-labs.com. You will receive a mini room spray (10 ml) as a gift when you spend €85 or more.* For this, please enter the coupon code 2Breuninger2023.*

* Offer valid only while stocks last. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Dr. Horn Labs

Brunnenstraße 163
D-10119 Berlin
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