Data Protection Information

1. Name and contact details of the Data Controller and the company's Data Security Officer

E. Breuninger GmbH & Co., Marktstraße 13, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany Tel: +49 711 2110. Breuninger's operational Data Security Officer can be contacted at the address given above, in a letter addressed to the Data Security Officer, or by email at [email protected].

2. Data processing by Breuninger
a) Purposes of data processing
Breuninger will process the information provided when an application for a Breuninger Friends Card is made, and the information provided in future within the context of using the Breuninger Friends Card. This information includes personal data (name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, fax numbers, IBAN and BIC¹, results of credit checks¹, income data) about the primary or secondary Breuninger Friends Card cardholder. Breuninger will only use this information to process the card application, manage the customer relationship, process and perform payments, and prevent payment defaults. For these purposes, data will also be passed on to third parties such as payment providers, credit agencies, lawyers and debt collectors, if necessary¹. In addition, personal data about the primary or secondary Breuninger Friends Card account holder will also be used, in compliance with the statutory provisions, for Breuninger's own promotional and marketing purposes, in particular for sending out advertising information², and for Breuninger's own market research campaigns. The e-mail address of the primary or secondary Breuninger Friends Card account holder, if provided in the card application form, to send out information about the Breuninger Friends Card and about other offers that complement the card contract or that are to be used in combination with the card contract. Breuninger will only send out e-mails with promotional information about other Breuninger offers (for example, from the Breuninger EShop or information about discounts for Card customers) with the applicant's explicit consent. Promotional telephone calls will only be made if the primary or secondary Breuninger Friends Card account holder has explicitly given their consent to this.

We will only process the product data for the goods in your online shopping basket if you have given explicit consent to do so, when you requested the Newsletter. If you have not yet completed the purchase, we will send you a one-off reminder about the articles that are still in your basket. The Card's revenue data will also be used to analyse, in particular, the acceptance of electronic offers made in the Newsletter, enabling us to improve personalised offers.

We will evaluate your general click behaviour (i.e. whether you opened our Newsletter, and when), and your click behaviour in the Newsletter (i.e. whether you clicked on particular information in the Newsletter, and when). We will also identify which end device you used to access the Newsletter. You will find more information about the personalised Newsletter in our customer information section at www.breuninger.com/service/Infoblatt_Newsletter.pdf

b) Legal basis
Breuninger will process personal data in accordance with the requirements of GDPR, the German Data Protection Act and the German Telemedia Act. Data will be processed on the basis of explicit consent, as detailed above, which can be withdrawn at any time. This also applies to consent that was given before GDPR came into force. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of personal data that was processed before the withdrawal. Processing will be performed on the basis of Art 6, Para 1 b GDPR insofar as necessary for the Card's contractual relationship. In the case of a payment default, data will also be passed on to lawyers, debt collection agencies and credit agencies. In that case, action will be taken to protect Breuninger, in its legitimate interest, by preventing and dealing with payment defaults, unless the interests of the person affected take precedence¹.

c) Data retention period
Breuninger will delete your personal data regularly. The necessity to continue the card relationship (usually 15 months after the end of the contract, at the latest) will cease, as will the expiry of any other legally required archiving periods (e.g up to 10 years according to the German Commercial Code and the German Tax Code). If the card is not used for an extended period of time, Breuninger will delete your personal data 48 months after the last time the card was used and after the expiry of other legal archiving periods.

3. Rights of the data subject
As the data subject, you have the right to request information about the personal data that affects you as stated in Art. 15 of the GDPR. As stated in Art. 16 of the GDPR, you have the right to correct the data held about you or, if the conditions detailed in Art. 17 of the GDPR are present, request that this data is deleted. You also have the right to limit the extent to which your data is processed (Art. 18 GDPR). If you can prove that you have a special personal situation, you can object to the processing of your data in general or in specific areas (Art. 21 GDPR). You have the right to receive a copy of the data you have provided us in a commonly used format (Art. 20 GDPR).

In addition, you can also contact the official regulatory agency, the Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security in Baden Württemberg, Germany, who is responsible for Breuninger GmbH & Co. (https://www.badenwuerttemberg.datenschutz.de/).

Objections to data processing for marketing purposes and for personal reasons, as stated in Art. 21 Para.1 GDPR, can be made by contacting E. Breuninger GmbH & Co., Card Service, Marktstraße 13, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany or by e-mail to [email protected].

You will find general data protection information here

¹ does not apply to the Breuninger Friends Card without payment function
² does not apply to the Breuninger Friends Card Corporate