A very special company 6,500 employees whose passion is fashion, trends and our customers.

6,500 employees whose passion is fashion, trends and our customers.


Breuninger in numbers

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Over 140 years of Breuninger

The most important place to the start is the start: When Eduard Breuninger opened his retail shop in 1881 with just three members of staff, he can hardly have imagined that it would one day become one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle businesses in Germany.

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13 stores and 1 online shop

We attract our customers today with 13 stores and an online shop. In addition to our flagship stores in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, we also offer you a very special shopping experience in the following locations: Ludwigsburg, Sindelfingen, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Erfurt, Leipzig, MTZ, Karlsruhe, Munich and Reutlingen as well as Luxemburg.

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1,500 brands

From A for amazing and E for exquisite through to T for timeless and all the way to Z, we offer all of the big name brands as well as promising newcomer labels.

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25 Restaurants, Bars & Confectioneries

With Breuninger, even the breaks from shopping are moments to be treasured, say, at (karls) kitchen in Stuttgart, the Sansibar by Breuninger restaurant in Düsseldorf, the Eduard's by Breuninger bar in Nuremberg or one of our in-house confectioners.

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6,500 employees

What makes our employees special is their enthusiasm for their work – regardless of whether they work on the sales floor, drive the excellence of our ranges forward with their insightful purchasing or concentrate on fulfilling the wishes, large and small, of our customers in the Service department.

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15 high-class services

We do everything for our customers: The Customer Service section in each of our stores acts as the personal contact point for you should you have any concerns or questions. We also offer you a shuttle service, personal shopping and many other unique service options. 

The success story – from 1868 to today


Our self-image

Since 1881, our corporate culture has been inspired by a spirit of breaking new ground, assuming our entrepreneurial responsibility with courage and commitment, and thereby of honouring the traditional values of a family business.

We are the fashion and lifestyle brand. We aim to win our customers over again every day by serving them as a host, attracting them and inspiring them.

Our employees play a crucial part in determining our success. Only together can we achieve our objectives. The basis of our success is that we set performance-orientated goals and systematically support and encourage our employees. We stand out from the crowd thanks to our expertise and high level of professionalism.

We are fair and reliable partners. We are socially engaged in our immediate surroundings and we address social and environmental questions with a strong sense of responsibility.