Breuninger and community

We see ourselves as part of the local community – at all our locations. We want to be a reliable partner for our immediate surroundings, a partner that strengthens society through social commitment and actively contributes to a city with a high quality of life and high amenity value.

Our commitment to sustainability also extends to the region and its residents. We are in close contact with local community foundations at several locations, support numerous projects and actively involve our employees in these projects. Through targeted measures, we aim to contribute to an infrastructure that promotes sustainability and supports projects and people in the region. The greatest influence we can exert here is through our own properties and our procurement processes. For example, we are focusing on developing charging stations for cars and e-bikes in our car parks. Furthermore, by increasingly using seasonal and regional products in our catering services, we are supporting farmers from the region.


Our goals

By 2022 ...

... we will offer residents and customers charging stations for cars and e-bikes in all our car parks.

Ongoing ...

... we will continue our focus on regional and seasonal products in our catering services.

... we will continue to work together with several community foundations and strengthen social cohesion at our locations through civic engagement.