Repair Service

Don’t toss it, mend it!

We all have pieces of clothing that we could wear for a lifetime. But constantly wearing those perfectly fitting jeans, that cool designer jacket or that favorite sweater can lead to wear and tear over the years. This is where the Breuninger Repair Service comes into the picture. It now offers customers the opportunity to bring in damaged clothing – even items that were not purchased at Breuninger – for repair.

Whether it’s replacing a zipper, restoring a hem or repairing a rip: for each item that is repaired instead of replaced, Breuninger and its customers set an example of sustainability, an important topic close to Breuninger’s heart. Some stores also offer more extensive repair services, including renewing handbags or fixing the back pockets of trousers or the lining in coats and jackets.

Since 1881, every stitch has been made with precision and perfection at Germany’s largest alteration service. Simply bring in the piece you need repaired during your next shopping trip and look forward to getting more joy out of some of your favorite pieces again.


More Information

The Repair Service is located in the alterations department in your Breuninger store:
Stuttgart (2nd  Floor), Ludwigsburg (2nd Floor, b_tailored), Sindelfingen (Main Floor),
Nürnberg (3rd Floor, b_tailored), Freiburg (2nd Floor, Menswear Exquisite), Erfurt (2nd Floor),
Leipzig (1st Floor), MTZ (1st Floor, Evening Wear), Reutlingen (Main Floor, Main Cash Desk),
Karlsruhe (3rd Floor, Customer Service, b_tailored as of the end of 2022),
München as of 2023 (3rd Floor, b_tailored)