Breuninger hygiene standard

23. February 2021

Breuninger hygiene standard

Extensive protective measures in all eleven department stores

The comprehensive Breuninger hygiene standard has already been actively implemented in all department stores since the end of April 2020. Effective precautions were taken early on to ensure a safe shopping experience for all customers across the board. Measures such as regular cleaning and disinfection, wearing face masks and sufficient social distancing are just as much a part of the precautions as a traffic light system for regulating admittance, which limits the number of people in the sales areas at any given time, ensuring minimum distances. Employees are also trained and informed continually so that Breuninger services can be offered safely.

“With our Breuninger hygiene standard, we have developed a comprehensive catalogue of protective measures at an early stage to ensure a carefree and, above all, safe shopping experience for our customers”, says Holger Blecker, Breuninger CEO. For example, Breuninger is regulating and controlling admittance, has adapted services according to the hygiene measures, has greatly increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection and is also investing in its employees: “We strongly believe in brick-and-mortar retail, even with the current restrictions. Those who come to shop with us value personal contact. The well-being of our customers is our top priority, which includes implementing distancing and masks. That is why we place the greatest importance on intensively training our employees”.

The Breuninger hygiene standard at a glance:

Through comprehensive training and up-to-date information from reliable and reputable sources, Breuninger employees have the necessary knowledge to advise customers safely and to the usual high quality levels expected at Breuninger. Each employee also has to go through a half-hour web-based training session in which all the company's safety and hygiene measures are taught. There is also a consistent safety and hygiene concept for employees themselves at the workplace, which even applies during break times.

Extensive preventive measures were taken at an early stage in Breuninger logistics, and the strictest hygiene rules also apply.  For example, returned items are currently not processed, and then offered for sale, until at least 1 week after we receive them.

Masks are compulsory in all Breuninger department stores – for the mutual protection of all employees and customers.

Breuninger has once again greatly increased the amount of cleaning done each day and has added additional rounds of disinfection in locations that are highly frequented, such as the escalators or changing rooms. It is also ensuring that there are adequate supplies of disinfectants available to customers and staff in every Breuninger store.

Social distancing
The general safety distance of at least 1.5 metres from the nearest customer and employee applies in all Breuninger Department Stores without exception. In addition, coloured social distancing markings have been placed on the floor in all waiting areas and transparent security partitions have been installed at the cash desks and at various service points.

Number of customers
Even though the Breuninger stores offer a lot of space, the maximum number of people in the sales area has been temporarily limited and the entrance is regulated to ensure social distancing of at least 1.5 metres everywhere.

Image and video material on the Breuninger hygiene standard: