Breuninger urges opening up of retail

01. March 2021

Breuninger urges opening up of retail

Flagship Stores glow in red

Red lights to indicate the tense situation: Breuninger is one of several well-known retail companies to have its Düsseldorf shop windows and distinctive Stuttgart dome illuminated in a striking colour. The action is taking place within the framework of the national initiative "Life in the Centre" and intends to draw attention to the challenging situation in the retail sector, which has been going on for months.

Since 16 December 2020, the doors of almost an entire industry have been closed. As the retail sector has little prospect of opening at the moment, Breuninger is one of many large retail companies participating in the broad-based "Life in the Centre" campaign. The aim of the union is to call on politicians to offer the retail sector a real prospect of opening up, to avoid ongoing threats to thousands of jobs.

Various studies, e.g. by the RKI, recently showed that the retail sector is not a hotbed of infections and that the hygiene measures and concepts already implemented last year, which were costly and extensive, have proven their worth and offer sufficient safety for employees and customers:

“We proved in 2020 that visiting our department stores while following hygiene and safety rules works very well. With this joint commitment acting as a wake-up call for politicians, we hope that we will soon be able to see our customers in person again as well as in our online shop. Pandemic control and open shop doors are not contradictory. Now, in addition to health, it is also important to preserve city centres and jobs”, says Breuninger CEO Holger Blecker.

The distinctive dome of the Stuttgart headquarters and the windows of the Düsseldorf flagship store will be illuminated daily until 3 March 2021, when the Minister Presidents' Conference will take place.

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