Breuninger and people

The people who work for and with Breuninger every day are the foundation of our success. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we work every day to maintain and improve our first-class service. Without the skills and dedication of our employees, this success would not be possible. That is why we strive to create the best possible working environment in which our employees feel comfortable, are able to develop and are appreciated. This also applies to the people who work in our supply chain. We are therefore committed to fair working conditions and to health and safety our business partners' and suppliers' companies.

Our goal is a long-term and transparent relationship with all the people, such as employees, suppliers, service providers and partners, who work with and for Breuninger. This requires not only a trusting relationship, but also compliance with a catalogue of requirements. Breuninger defines this within the framework of its purchasing guidelines and the Breuninger Responsible Sourcing Policy, which is currently being developed. The Responsible Sourcing Policy defines principles for suppliers and business partners to ensure that all products are manufactured in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious way. In future, the policy will apply to all direct business partners and suppliers who supply products under Breuninger’s own brands or parts thereof, and it will become an integral part of all supplier contracts.


Our goals

By 2021 ...

... Breuninger will develop a Responsible Sourcing Policy and make it a mandatory component of all supplier contracts for Breuninger brands.

Ongoing ...

... Education and training have always been a major component of our DNA. Our targeted talent management programmes help to promote the individual strengths of our employees.