Breuninger and materials

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of high-quality products made from a wide variety of materials which are sourced from all over the world. We are aware that some of these materials are not only sought after but are also controversial and the subject of critical public debate. We recognise the dilemmas that arise and take this as an opportunity to clearly acknowledge our responsibility in this regard. Together with partners in our supply chains, we work hard to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of products and production processes. We strive to always offer our customers the more sustainable product variant, provided this is possible in at least the same quality and is economically viable.

We are also committed to promoting sustainable materials across our entire range ever more strongly in the future. Cotton is the most important fibre in our product portfolio. However, due to the high water and land consumption involved and the use of large amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, conventionally grown cotton is problematic for the environment as well as for the people involved in its production and neighbouring communities. In future, all of our private label products will therefore be made of 100% sustainable cotton. As well as the sustainable production of cotton, animal welfare is also important to us. We have therefore decided not to sell products that use Angora wool or exotic leathers (especially from reptiles). We also do not use real fur. This applies to our own brands and to the ranges of our external brands. With a view to making our entire range progressively more sustainable, Breuninger will increasingly use sustainability labels for all external brands in the future. Our goal is that, in the next few years, a large proportion of the products in our range will meet at least one sustainability certification.


Our goals

By 2020 ...

… Breuninger will exclude products made of Angora wool, exotic leather and real fur from its entire range. 

From 2021

… Breuninger will be a member of the Fur Free Retailer programme. 

By 2025 ...

... all Breuninger brand products will be made of 100% sustainable cotton. 

Ongoing ....

...  more and more products in our entire range will meet at least one of our valid sustainability certifications.