Breuninger and environment

In order to provide our customers with the product range and shopping experience they wish for both in-store and online, we need resources. The focus here is on our energy consumption, the waste we produce, and the emissions generated by our buildings and by logistics and transport. We take climate protection seriously and are therefore constantly working on reducing our harmful impact and contributing to a healthier environment.

We are continuously looking for new opportunities to reduce our CO2 emissions in the medium and long term and to conserve natural resources. When it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, our main focus is on the areas where we can exert the greatest influence: our transport and properties. We have set ourselves the goal of making our online orders and internal transport carbon neutral over the next few years. In order to focus on saving resources and reducing waste, we want to increase the use of natural and/or recycled as well as recyclable materials in our procurement process. We have made it our mission always to choose the most sustainable alternative because the closest solution is not always the most sustainable. Consequently, we switched to a new, climate-neutral bubble wrap in December 2021. This bubble wrap is made of up to 70% recycled household waste and is itself fully recyclable. We are also working on sustainable new solutions for our product wrapping, in order to reduce our overall consumption of resources.


Our goals

Since 2021 ...

... Breuninger has been using sustainable, recycled and recyclable bubble wrap to protect sensitive products in transit.

By 2022 ...

... all orders from the online shop will be delivered in a carbon neutral manner.

By 2025 ...

... Breuninger will focus on carbon neutral delivery for all its internal transportation.

... all properties under Breuninger’s control will be carbon neutral.

... Breuninger will have eliminated the use of plastic as far as possible: single-use plastic will no longer be used and its outer packaging will be 100% plastic free.

Ongoing ...

... we will continue to avoid using printed material in all our ordering and delivery processes.